The foundation of Blue Institute consists of the relationships we have in the business and academic communities. The common thread of all our activities is the aim of initiating discussions with and among decision makers. These discussions are at the heart of our focus on providing creative, productive and confidential dialogues, and on capturing and disseminating the energy and knowledge released as minds meet.

We engage the business community through a variety of fora. Our Executive Forum groups meet regularly to discuss current challenges. In the Swedish Growth Barometer companies meet to discuss the short and medium term macroeconomic and sectoral outlook. The Growth Barometer also engages policy makers, politicians and opinion builders in public seminars. We engage in academic networks through joint research projects, publications and the provision of scholarships.

We also cultivate relationships and grow our network through consortia projects and ad hoc round table discussions pertaining to our research activities. In these projects we also engage with policymakers at the local, national and regional level. Stakeholders from the public sector are also highly involved in these activities.